Project Description

Sleek, solid and unrelentingly stylish, metal tiles have changed the face of mosaics by delivering the seductive sheen of metal for interior and exterior surfaces. The metal tile choice of leading architects and designers from around the world.

The unique tile sheets, unlike low-grade copies, are long lasting and hardwearing and contain no backing mesh, plastic inserts or metal look-alike ‘metallic’ coatings so they won’t dent, crack or de-laminate.

Our range of metal tiles is now 384 products strong. With our ongoing commitment to design, product innovation and quality manufacture, we offer our authentic solid metal tiles in a variety of metals, alloys, finishes and a striking array of innovative shapes and sizes.

Mosaic and Strip tiles

A well balanced mix of contrast combination colorsĀ  come together with high gloss textured backed strips in random strip glass mosaic tile. The textured backing is very similar to crinkled gift paper giving it an extraordinary look. A great choice for a kitchen backsplash, accent strip, or perhaps a feature wall behind your bathroom vanity!